Kdrama Encounter

New Teaser Released For Korean Drama “Encounter”

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Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum’s fan were desperately waiting for this trailer and so here we are!

The trailer starts with Park Bo Gum. He is shown as a free mind person who likes to enjoy each and every moment.

Park Bo Gum Encounter

He is seen enjoying with people and dancing with a little girl.

On the other hand Song Hye Kyo is shown with a sad smile on her face.

Song Hye Kyo in Encounter

She stays lonely and isolated even when a lot of people are singing and dancing around her.

There was also a scene in which we saw a little interaction between Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo.

Korean drama Encounter.

What is more fascinating is that Park Bo Gum’s part was shown colorful while Song Hye Kyo’s part was shown in black and white, depicting their two completely opposite worlds.

In the end of the trailer both of their worlds merge together, everything is colorful now in Song Hye Kyo’s world, and they both are seen looking at each other with smile.

Encounter Trailer

So far the trailer has been made really smart. Everything is quiet clear and enough to develop interest in the drama. I’ll be looking forward to this drama.

Update : First Meet In The New Teaser Of Korean Drama “Encounter”

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“Encounter” is a story of Cha Soo Hyun (Song Hye-Kyo) who is a daughter of a prominent politician and former daughter-in-law of a wealthy family. She was forced by her family to marry a wealthy man. Cha Soo Hyun was unhappy with her marriage which ultimately led to divorce.

On the other hand Kim Jin Hyuk (Park Bo-Gum) is a freewheeling, ordinary young man who finds joy in the simplest things. Kim Jin Hyuk and Cha Soo Hyun who have nothing in common meets each other on a trip.

The first episode of ‘Encounter’ will release on 28 November, 2018.

Here is the link for the trailer~

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