Scrip Reading Video Released For The Korean Drama “Encounter”

Park Bo gum and Song Hye Kyo in Boyfriend script reading
Park Bo-Gum as Jin Hyuk and Song Hye-Kyo as Cha Soo Hyun in the Korean drama ‘Encounter’

tvN released a script reading video for the upcoming Korean drama “Encounter” with Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo as the main leads.

During the script reading we saw that Song Hye Kyo’s character appears to be pretty serious while Park Bo Gum’s a fun one.

Song Hye Kyo new korean drama encounter

Park Bo Gum new Korean drama Encounter

The entire cast was in laugh when they heard the lines of Park Bo Gum.

Encounter Korean drama cast

It seems like the entire cast enjoyed their script reading while showing the good acting skills.


“Encounter” is a story of Cha Soo Hyun (Song Hye-Kyo) who is a daughter of a prominent politician and former daughter-in-law of a wealthy family. She was forced by her family to marry a wealthy man. Cha Soo Hyun was unhappy with her marriage which ultimately led to divorce.

On the other hand Kim Jin Hyuk (Park Bo-Gum) is a freewheeling, ordinary young man who finds joy in the simplest things. Kim Jin Hyuk and Cha Soo Hyun who have nothing in common meets each other on a trip.

Update: New Teaser Released For Korean Drama “Encounter”

The first episode of ‘Encounter’ will release on 28 November, 2018.

Here is the link for the script reading video-


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