Korean drama “The Third Charm” first impression (How I Felt)


Have you ever had someone in your life you can never forget?

Do you wish to meet them again?

Will you be able to love them again?

All these answers you can find in the new Korean Drama that aired on 28 September, 2018 on JTBC called “The Third Charm”.

Why I decided to watch this?

The teaser preview of the drama was very impressive. I got the vibes of true love from the preview of the drama, so I’m in it. 😁

What first Impression the drama made on me?

The drama started on the eve of New year with Christmas lights still on at every corner. So far the place felt out of Korea or I might be wrong , I’m not sure of it.

On Joon Young (Seo Kang joon) is waiting to catch a drug dealer in a car. Right! he is a police officer. (Wow didn’t expect this from the preview 🙄)

And trust me he looks very handsome and cool as a Police officer. 😉 See for yourself!

Seo kang Joon The third charm
Oh! Seo Kang Joon why are you doing this to us? First a handsome robot then a handsome police.

Our leading lady is having fun in the bar club with her friend. They both are talking about, girls in the bar, boys, relationships. You know!

Lee Young (Lee Som) is looking all pretty and independent woman here, but a little sad, don’t know why?. See!

Lee Som Why so Pretty?

At a time they both were talking about each other with their friends and regretting to meet each other.

(All of these gave me the feel of a Rom-com Hollywood movie) The drama, in fact feels like you are watching a movie.

The drug dealer which the police were about to catch enters into the bar Lee Young is in.

There both On Joon Young and Lee Young eyes met each other just when the clock ticked 12 and a new year 2013 starts. Everything around them slows down and they both kept looking at each other.

(Both are really good actors. One could say by the way they look at each other that they have history! Kudos Seo Kang Joon and Lee Som! Was moved so much from this scene)




On Joon Young then tells the audience…

There are two types of women in this world.

A woman who you must meet,

and a woman who you’d be better off not meeting.

I met the third type of woman.

A woman who I should never have met again.

The story then goes backward to the time they both first met each other.

Both were very different back then. On Joon Young was such a nerdy, no fashion sense yet so cute and organized kind of person. (I never saw such a cute nerd 😉 )

Lee Young was totally boyish yet so pretty and sweet.

On Joon Young is a totally organized person. He likes to keep his things neat and tidy. Also he is a chemistry student and also is an intelligent one. He belongs from a good family.

On Joon Young and his parents and a sister who always tease his brother for not having a girlfriend. (Also it’s to On Joon Young his father is telling that his cooking is more delicious than his mom 😀 )

Lee Young is taking some training related to hair designing, I guess (Am I right? Is that a course?) and she is also working part-time at salon. She does not have parents and her brother is her only family.

Lee Young, her brother and her brother’s girlfriend.

Do you know how they met each other? Thanks to a pervert. 😉

Lee Young spots a pervert in the local train and tells him to stop immediately. You know perverts don’t listen but Lee young wont leave him until he stops and keeps warning him. On Young on the other side gets scared of Lee Young due to her bold personality and says he don’t like such women. He meant women who have too much adrenaline. (Only if he knew he was going to like her a lot in the future 😛 )




Lee young felt short of evidence in the police station against the pervert. Thanks to On Joon Young the incident was recorded in the (I don’t know what is this device. Sorry, but it is definitely something in the 90’s 😉 ) So this is where they first met.



Although On Joon Young never cared about dating but his friend circle was always in it. They set up a blind date for each of them and this time On Joon Young was also willing to be in it. But unfortunately one of the blind date didn’t show up so Lee Young came in her place.


But she was late, all of On Joon Young friends picked up their partners and went on their dates and On Joon Young was left alone. 😦

On Joon Young seeing his friends going with their dates.

But On Joon Young was so determined this time, after all it was going to be his first date. On the other side Lee Young was also excited for the date as it was going to be her first date too. Also she never went to college, she felt it as a chance to feel the college life and enjoy her life.

All smiling seeing her blind date waiting for her. 🙂 ❤

On Joon got shocked to see her and a little disappointed (You know he don’t like woman with too much adrenaline 😉 ). But Lee Young was happy that it was him as he helped her in catching the pervert, so she didn’t waste her time and grabbed him on the date. (She didn’t tell him that she was not a college student.)


They went to an amusement park.
Haha! they seriously are opposite to each other
Then they went to eat spicy tteokbokki!!

Lee Young is a spice lover while On Joon couldn’t stand even a little of it. After eating that spicy tteokbokki he went running in search of water and ended up wining a beer contest. 😀


Lee Young totally enjoying her date and supporting On Young
When receiving award for !Beer King! He is all drunk.
All tired after having the date of their lives.
Awwww! ❤ ❤

On coming back home they find out that they both have switched their bags. (Oh did I tell you they had the same bags)


On Joon Young didn’t have her number or any contact, so did Lee young. They both kept looking for each other number. On Joon Young finds out the place where Lee Young works and goes there to return Lee Young’s bag.

When On Young finds out that she works as a part timer. He calls Lee Young a cool person who supports herself for her college fees without her parents help and that he is still dependent on his parents.

Lee Young feels a little hesitated to hear that as she does not go to college and being a part timer is her necessity.

Then Lee Young gave On Joon Young a hair makeover. Lee Young confirmed that he would like Lee Jung Jae after having perm hairstyle.

Just when Lee Young was removing curls from On Joon’s hair , they were so close to each other and they kissed. 💏💕 ❤ (Lately we are getting to see the kiss scene right in the first episode. First “Devilish Joy” now “The Third Charm”. Well it’s worth it, after all we could not deny the amazing chemistry between the leads. Right! 😉 )

❤ The End ❤

Would I Recommend the drama ?

If you don’t watch this then you are really going to miss a precious Korean drama.

Reasons to watch it:

  • True love vibes, love at first sight. 😍
  • Lovely couple moments. 💕 ❤
  • Main leads acted very well and sense of realism in the acting.
  • Every character in the drama is so refined. (On Joon’s sister is my favourite)
  • Comic elements are good as well as the timing is also good. I laughed a lot during some scenes trust me. 😂

So have you watched the first episode already? If so then do tell me how much you liked it.☺If not then do tell me when you are going to watch it?

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