First teaser released for the Korean drama “Memories of Alhambra”


Finally a teaser came we all have been waiting for. Yes! you read right , the first teaser of Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin In’s upcoming Korean drama “Memories of Alhambra” has dropped.

The teaser shows Hyun Bin In and Park Shin Hye in Spain followed by a mysterious tune in the background. Hyun Bin In looks serious while Park Shin Hye is all sweet and smiling while looking at each other.

So far the 43 second teaser looks quite appealing.

Memories of Alhambra Park Shin Hye

Memories of Alhambra is a story of an investment company CEO Yoo Jin Woo and Jung Hee Joo who runs a hostel in Spain.

Yoo Jin Woo (Hyun Bin In) is an adventurous and competitive person who is also talented in developing games.Jung Hee Joo (Park Shin Hye) was a classic guitarist once. She came to Spain after her parents death to further her studies, but took on several jobs there to sustain livelihood.

When CEO Yoo Jin Woo visits Spain, he stays in the hostel run by Jung Hee Joo. There both of them get involved in a mysterious incident.

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The drama “Memories of Alhambra” will release on 1 December, 2018.

See the teaser here :



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