Upcoming Kdrama “The Third charm” releases another teaser

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“The Third charm” will premiere on 28 September on JTBC. Seo Kang joon (Are you human too?) and Lee Som are the main leads.

The second teaser of the drama shows the ups and downs Joon Young (Seo Kang joon) and Young Jae (Lee Som) faces in their relationship. The teaser shows how love is sweet and cute in the beginning but turns in a painful experience once you breakup.

See : Korean drama “The Third Charm” takes place after “My ID is Gangnam Beauty”

Joon Young is seen changing his hairstyle for Young Jae and then crying hard after their breakup. After some years they both meet each other at a new year party and gives their relationship another chance.

Source : English translation of the teaser here.

My comments are that I got lost alone  in the trailer I don’t know in which world I’ll be when I’ll actually watch the drama. To sum up the teaser explains almost all of the story-line of the drama and gives a complete highlight of what to expect from this drama. So far the drama looks like it is going to be romantically amazing. Also we are going to see a lot about relationships and how the nature of men and women are different from each other.

~Here is the second teaser of Kdrama “The Third Charm”~

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