Korean Drama “Devilish joy” first impression (How I felt)


Why I started watching this drama?

The most intriguing thing about this drama that compelled me to watch it was the outline of this drama. It is a strange but beautiful love story between a genius doctor who suffers from “Cinderella Memory Disorder”, he got this disease due to a car accident he got into while trying to help a woman and an actress who used to be popular, but somehow lost her popularity.

I really wanted to see how could someone love a person in his life when he would forget her the next morning.

Will the love win in this case?

Will he be able to carry on his relationship properly?

And will the opposite be able to love him despite his disease?

I wanted all the answers to my questions so I started the drama.

What First Impression the drama made on me?

The drama starts with Gong Ma-Sung (Choi Jin-Hyuk ) driving in a beautiful car and a fast but exciting guitar tune playing in the back. This alone build up my mood and I went more exciting to see it.

Hmm Gong Ma seems to be a rich person with that car. (Choi Jin-Hyuk looks quite handsome and rich)

Then the main actress of the drama was introduced who happens to be celebrity in real life as well know as Joo Gi-Bbeum (Song Ha-Yoon). Right now she won all over the Korea and as well as Asia. I was pretty excited to see Song Ha-Yoon in the drama because I really liked her role in Fight my Way.

Song Ha-Yoon looks very cute and beautiful with her amazing charm.

Did I feel the chemistry between the leads?

Yes! right away. When the main leads had their first encounter, they both kept looking at each other from a distance and a soothing and beautiful music played in the background. It gave all the feels of a love at first sight.

Then they parted their ways as Joo Gi-Bbeum needs to go urgently somewhere (Find that out by watching it yourself, it’s really urgent 😉 )

Luckily, they meet again. This time Gong Ma-Sung saves Joo Gi-Bbeum from some eve teasers on the street. Oh and what an amazing fight it was between them and Gong Ma-Sung. (Sorry! didn’t take screenshots as I was lost in watching the fight 😛 )

Then they ran and Joo Gi-Bbeum got scared and hid her head under the Gong Ma-sung’s coat. (And yes! this was the cutest scene. See!)

Look at the smile on Gong ‘s face. It feels like he fell for her right away.

Gong Ma-Sung even flirted with her a bit. The temperature was rising here. The scene was so cute and romantic at the same time.

Oh! I forgot to tell that they both were in China somehow. And Joo Gi-Bbeum lost her way, so she has no choice but to stay with Gong Ma-Sung until her crew friends find her. (Ahh! this is called destiny <3. )

Then they went to the hotel and while Gong Ma-Sung was talking to the receptionist, Joo Gi-Bbeum slept on the hotel’s couch. Gong Ma-Sung looked at her all in love and brought her new pair of beautiful heels as she lost hers during the running and hiding. 😉

OMG! they are so beautiful. He is definitely in love with her now. 🙂

Then there was a pool side incident. Joo Gi-Bbeum fell into the pool and Gong Ma-Sung saved her from drowning.

Joo Gi-Bbeum was afraid of water so she tightly grasped Gong’s arm and told him why she is scared of water. Gong Ma-Sung in return hugged her more tightly and assured her that he is with her.

Then there was this scene.We have a back hug. ❤

Joo Gi-Bbeum told that she would repay to each and every help Gong Ma-Sung gave her. But look what he wanted in return 🙂

Although she was reluctant to express fully, but when she refused to be found by the crew because she wanted to spend more time with Gong Ma-Sung now. Gong Ma-Sung eyes sparkled when he heard that. They escaped into the crowd of people hearing street music.

Joo Gi-Bbeum showed her talent of singing to Gong Ma-Sung.

They both looked so in love during this scene. Look!

Joo Gi-Bbeum asked Gong Ma-Sung if he had become her fan after hearing her sing? But Gong Ma-Sung answered he want to be her boyfriend instead! (Awwwww! How romantic. 🙂 )

And then there was this beautiful kiss! ❤

with a beautiful scene. 🙂 ❤

The end

Would I recommend this drama?

Highly recommended! There is sweet and cute chemistry between the leads. Both Song Ha-Yoon and Choi Jin-Hyuk acted to their fullest, the story-line is going good so far and everything sums up to a great Korean Drama.

So will you watch this drama? Do Comment!

Update : Korean Drama Devilish Joy Review






5 comments on “Korean Drama “Devilish joy” first impression (How I felt)”

  1. I’m desperately searing for that lovely music in the background when they first met…. Do you know the title and singer? Appreciate it very much!


    1. Hi! Shirley, thankyou for taking your time reading this. Oh! I tried my level best to find that ost but I couldn’t find it anywhere. So far, I found same 6 songs for the drama, but there was one site with a different song called “Pouring down by Artist New A”, I guess this may be the song. I am not sure as I’m not able to find it anywhere.


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