New Kdrama “Devilish Joy” aired it’s first episode

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Have you heard of “Cinderella Memory Disorder”? If not let me tell you, it is a disorder in which the memories of the previous day disappear the next day. Where did I get this information? Well! yesterday on 5th Sep 2018 a new Kdrama aired on MBN called “Devilish Joy”

It is a strange but beautiful love story between a genius doctor who suffers from “Cinderella Memory Disorder”, he got this disease due to a car accident he got into while trying to help a woman and an actress who used to be popular, but somehow lost her popularity.

The genius doctor is known as Gong Ma-Sung played by Gu Family book’s Choi Jin-Hyuk and the washed-up actress is known as Joo Gi-Bbeum played by Fight my way’s Song Ha-Yoon. The cast also includes Lee Ho-won and Lee Joo-yeon

The drama looks pretty interesting from the outline alone.

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Here are the stills from the first episode of “Devilish Joy”

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