Kim So Hyun’s first kiss

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Kim So Hyun is acting since her childhood, so it’s pretty much possible that she had her first kiss on screen.

When Kim So Hyun appeared on the SBS show “Strong Heart” she revealed that her first kiss was onscreen in the episode of the drama “I miss You” with her co-star Yeo Jin Goo. And what’s more interesting that it was Yeo Jin Goo’s first kiss too.

In the show Kim So Hyun told that their first kiss was not approved by the director as Yeo Jin Goo put out his lips. So they have to do it again. Yeo Jin Goo told Kim so hyun to not to be disappointed with the kiss as she is going to do a lot in her career. But Kim So Hyun was not disappointed at all in fact she wasn’t thinking anything.

She was once advised by Kim Yoo Jung that she don’t need to brush her teeth multiple times. She need to brush her teeth once and just have a candy.

Kim So-hyun is a South Korean actress who began her career as a child actress in 2006 and initially gained public attention for playing a villainous young queen-to-be in Moon Embracing the Sun (2012) and a girl who falls into tragedy in Missing You (2013). – Wikipedia


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