Song Joon Ki and Kim Ji Won will star as lovers in the upcoming drama “Asadal Chronicles”

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Asadal Chronicles is an upcoming South Korean television series directed by Kim Won-seok and written by Kim Young-hyun. Song Joon Ki and Kim Ji Won are the lead roles for the drama and this time we will able to see chemistry between.

Song Joon Ki will be playing the role of Eun Seom who is a cursed child born in Blue Stone Village under an ominous sign. He later becomes conqueror of Asadal, taking it from city-state to empire.

Kim Ji Won will be playing Tan Ya who is a woman born under a cursed sign and who overcomes adversity to become the first female politician of Asadal.

She is Eun Seom’s first love.

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The drama revolves around the power struggles, love and growth of the ancient city of Asadal, the capital of Gojoseon. Ta-Gon will also star in the drama as Jang Dong-Gun who is a war hero of Aseudal

Asadal” will air in the early 2019

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