6 Korean Dramas That Teach Us The Importance Of Friendship

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Almost every Kdrama have shown its and bits of friendship, but following are the one’s whose plot holds 90% of Friendship Chills. Every other Korean Drama gives you chills with the amazing romance but these dramas will give you chills with the amazing friendship!

1. Because It’s The First time

Because It's the first time drama choi min ho

Because It’s The First Time showed an amazing friendship between 6 young people, who have been friends since childhood. Each one of them have their own story and struggles, but all of them are able to overcome the problems in their lives with the help of each other.

2. Age of Youth

Age Of Youth 2 drama

Age of Youth is a story of five young girls in their twenties who are roommates. Just like every youth in their twenties have a lot of life problems, so do they. But as each one of them has amazing bond with each other, they are able to overcome these problems with patience. Age of Youth tells how friends are supportive during the rough times of our life and as well as cheering during the good times of our life.

3. Fight My Way

Fight My Way Korean drama Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won

It’s a story of four friends who are almost in their 30’s. Each one of them had a dream when they were young, but those dreams could not be fulfilled due to some circumstances. The drama shows how friends are supportive in fulfilling your dreams, and will always support you in making the right choice for your life.

4. I Need Romance 2

I Need Romance 2 drama

Well as the name suggests it is a romantic drama, but it has the other side as well and that is friendship. Friendship is shown between 3 friends in their 30’s who have been friends since the first day of their school. I Need Romance shows how friends can be supportive in the ups and downs of your relationship.

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5. Children of 20th Century

Children of 20th Century drama

Children of the 20th Century is a story that follows three women in their mid-thirties as they navigate their love lives, friendships, and their familial ties. The Children of the 20th Century showed that it doesn’t matter being single if you have friends. Friends are always there for you until the end and will take care of you time to time.

5. Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers drama lee min ho

Every Kdrama fan knows about Boys over flowers. It is a story of four high school friends who are the sons of South Korea’s richest parents. One of them falls for a poor girl in their school. Boys over flowers showed amazing friendship between the four friends. It showed that friends are there to get your head straight if you are on the wrong path.

Do you have any other Korean Drama in mind related to friendship? Do Comment!

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