12 Korean Language Words Every International Kdrama Fan Should Know


So you have watched a lot of Korean Dramas and might have learned few Korean words. It is normal for a Kdrama fan or I say a Kdrama Crazy, Agree!

Here is my list of top 12 words that is must for an International Kdrama Fan. It is must because you,v got to maintain a reputation, after all you are a fan. 😉

1. Anneyeong

The first and the most important word is anneyeong. this word is usually used for greeting your friends. It can be used where you want to say Hi or Bye. 🙂

2. Ye

Ye means Yes in English. It is often pronounced as ‘de’.

3. Aniyo

If you want to say no say,  “aniyo”.

4. Mian Haeyo

If you are sorry say, “mian haeyo”.

5. O-ke-i

The Korean style of saying OK is o-ke-i. Isn’t it cool?

6. Goma woyo

If you want to say thank you, say “gomawoyo”.

7. Gapsida

‘Gapsida’ translates in ‘Let’s Go’ in English.

8. Ottokhe

You might have heard this word from the mouth of a girl when she is in trouble or have to choose between two male leads in a Korean Drama. Ottokhe have different meaning in different situation, sometimes it means ‘How’ and sometimes it means ‘What do I do?’

9. Hwaneyeong Haeyo

It is a greeting you give to someone when they enter your house, or a restaurant.

10. Khunmbe

When you are having drink with your friends, say khunmbe! (cheers!)

11. Jhungmal

It translates to very/really in English.

12. Beguphayo

It translates to ‘is hungry’ in English.

So! did you like my list? Do you have any more words that are a must know for an international Kdrama fan? If so, do comment. Also here are some Korean learning books I found on Amazon. Do check them out!! and

Gomawoyo! :)

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      1. Then you are sure to learn some :). I also starting learning Korean through various sources. Now it is on a hold for some time, will continue later.

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