What was Jun Ji Hyun’s Dream Before Becoming An Actress

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Jun Ji-hyun (born Wang Ji-hyun on 30 October 1981), also known by her English name Gianna Jun, is a South Korean actress. She rose to fame for her role as The Girl in the romantic comedy My Sassy Girl (2001)

Jun has also starred in television series My Love from the Star (2013-2014) and Legend of the Blue Sea (2016-2017).

The success of her films and television dramas internationally established her as a top Hallyu star.

Although she never dreamed of becoming an actress. When she was young, Jun Ji Hyun wanted to become a flight attendant but she soon gave up on her dream after experiencing an unsatisfied plane flight experience.

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Her mother always cued her to endeavor into modelling and acting due to her tall and slim body. Later, when Jun Ji Hyun was 16 years old a friend of her introduced her to a photographer.

The rest we know! 🙂

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