Getting Kdrama Ready

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Night is on!

Everybody is sleeping!

Laptop on!

Ramyeon Ready!

No I’m not gonna watch Netflix. You read right ramyeon ready not popcorn. Kdrama Crazy people will understand me. These can relate me.

That moment when the night is at peak, everybody in the house is sleeping and you turn your laptop on or your hand phone’s data on, and then the butterflies start accumulating in your stomach, because you are about to start your Korean Drama is seriously the best in the world.


It’s best in the world because you have just entered the Kdrama world and you are about to get Kdrama crazy. Kdrama takes you to the Roller Coaster ride of emotions. You can switch from being happy to being sad in minutes.


Kdrama is literally the celebration of life, well that is how a Kdrama crazy will talk about Kdrama.  Also everybody in the Kdrama world is actually Kdrama crazy. 😉

And Yes! don’t forget to have your ramyeon. 😉


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