Korean Drama “Woman With A Bleeding Ear” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

Kang Han Na Woman With A Bleeding Ear tvn Drama stage

“Woman With A Bleeding Ear” is one of the tvN drama stage 2020 series that released on 7 December, 2019. Synopsis “Woman With A Bleeding Ear” will tell the story of an ordinary girl Kim Soo Hee (Kang Han Na) who has an extraordinary illness. That is, whenever she hears something she dislike her ear

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Jang Dong Yoon (The Tale Of Nokdu) Offered Main Lead For Military Drama “Search”

jang dong yoon drama military 2020 search

Jang Dong Yoon who recently starred in historical drama “The Tale Of Nokdu” has been offered for a main lead role in the upcoming OCN military Korean drama “Search”. The actor is positively considering the offer. “Search” will tell a story which is filled with mystery surrounding a secret operation of military at a DMZ

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Confirmed! Kim Tae Hee and Lee Kyu Hyung For “Hi Bye, Mama!”

kim tae hee and lee kyu hyung kdrama hi bye, mama

Kim Tae Hee (Yong Pal) and Lee Kyu Hyung (Doctor John) are confirmed to play the lead roles in the upcoming tvN fantasy drama “Hi Bye, Mama!” (or “Hello Mom”). It will be a comeback for the actress after 5 years and fans are looking forward to it. “Hi Bye, Mama!” Korean drama will tell

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Korean Drama “Woman Of 9.9 Billion” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

Woman of 9.9 Billion drama 2019

“Woman Of 9.9 Billion” (or “9.9 Billion Woman”) is a KBS2 drama series that released on 4 December, 2019 and is available to watch online on Viki. Synopsis “Woman Of 9.9 Billion” Korean drama story will center around a woman named Jung Seo Yeon (Cho Yeo Jung) who happens to get 9.9 Billion won. She

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Korean Drama “Ogre” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

tvN Drama Stage Ogre 2019

“Ogre” is one of the tvN drama stage 2020 series that released on 23 November, 2019. Synopsis “Ogre” Korean drama will tell the story of a man named Han Soo (Park Yong Woo) who is addicted to gambling. He gets chased by loan sharks. So he decides to take help from his younger brother who

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Korean Drama “My Wife’s Bed” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

TvN Drama Stage My Wifes Bed 2019

“My Wife’s Bed” is one of the tvN drama stage 2020 series that released on 30 November, 2019. Synopsis “My Wife’s Bed” Korean drama will tell the story of Sim Jung Woo (Lee Yi Kyung) who is just married and the couple is now planning to go to their honeymoon. But the very same day

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Korean Drama “Bad Love” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

Bad Love drama 2019

“Bad Love” (or “Nappeun Sarang”) is an MBC drama series that released on 2 December, 2019 and will be soon available to watch online on Viki. Synopsis “Bad Love” Korean drama will tell a struggle story of a woman who is in the middle of a big whirlwind of fate and her unconditional motherly love.

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Kang Ha Na To Star In The New tvN Drama Stage: “Woman With A Bleeding Ear”

Kang Ha Na Woman With A Bleeding Ear korean dramas december 2019

Kang Ha Na (Designated Survivor: 60 Days) will be starring in the upcoming new tvN drama stage called “Woman With A Bleeding Ear”. It will be a one-act drama that is part of tvN’s series “Drama Stage 2020.” It is its third season and will have a total of 10 dramas. “Woman With A Bleeding

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11 New Korean Dramas Coming Your Way In December 2019

december 2019 korean dramas

So it is time to see what new Korean dramas are coming our way in the final month (December) of 2019. Well! this time we have pretty cool and unique dramas along with some specials. Unique in the sense, they cover some topics that have been rarely covered till now. A sports drama about baseball,

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